Helping People to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ


The name of this ministry, Life at the Well Ministries was chosen because it reflects the love of Jesus spoken of in the Gospel of John (chapter 4).  Jesus touched the life of the woman at the well and offered her living water that quenches one's thirst for all time.  The woman was a social outcast, a person with a life style that was considered unacceptable. She had been married several times and the man she was currently living with, was not her husband. 

Jesus knew all about her past and present.  He did not lecture  or condemn her, he only appealed to her need to have something greater than what she had.  Jesus refers to the need for living water.  Today we know that the living water that Jesus speaks about changes people.  This living water is the Holy Spirit of God.

This ministry is all about loving people, without judgement and showing them the living water that God wants so much to freely give them.  


What is Your Life all About

Life is a rather challenging path. Do you want your path to be meaningful and important? Do you know that you have personal power available for your use at any time. God designed you with personal power which is your will. Every person has a God given right to make choices. Good or bad that power is in your hands and no one but yourself can take it away from you.  Life at the Well Ministries wants you to know your potential and work with you to gain a meaningful life that you were mean to have. 

How would you like to live a meaningful life filled with joy and purpose?  You can choose to live by love. Love and forgiveness for both yourself and others. How about a life where you know that you are not alone.  That the God who created the universe can be there for you; all you have to do is ask!   Give it a try - You will be amazed.