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The Victory of the Son



​This is a very different book. It portrays the battle between good and evil on the earth. While it is a fiction work it contains Biblical truths that allow the reader to understand the battle we are all facing. Angels and demons fight to gain access and control of humans. This is actually a very scary book, Readers find it amazing.   

A story of God's intervention in a young boy's life. John Paul's life has become unbearable after the untimely death of his mother.  His father Harry, while wanting to be there for John Paul has gotten lost in his own grief.  This  is a book about God's love and compassion for people and how he can use angels to make a difference.

He sends an angel to earth to fight the battle between good and evil. A great read.

Available In hard or soft cover, or e book.

Written by: Joyce Hum

Publisher: Authorhouse