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A New Year and a New Beginning

Wow it's cold outside here in Ottawa. Well we are now in a new year. I hope you had a great 2017.  I am one of those people who always wants to do better. The important thing for all of us to realize that it is easier to do better when we count on the creator of the universe helping us. Yes, there is a God in Heaven who wants to be involved in our lives. He will never force his will upon us because HE GAVE US A FREE WILL. HE WILL NEVER TAKE IT AWAY.   But He so wants to give us his wisdom and guidance.  We were separated from God through sin. The Good News for each and everyone of humanity is that  Jesus Christ came to earth with a mission to defeat sin. He carried out his mission by himself being a sacrifice through his cruel death on a cross and paying the penalty for all sin. Through our belief in Jesus Christ we can now accept this gift and we are reconciled back to out Heavenly Father. We can now boldly come to God and ask his for wisdom and advice. You can submit your life to Him knowing that everyday he is there for you.  You can become better and He wants you to be everything you can be. An amazing new year can be ours. So Happy New Year to all as we learn each day to trust and lean on a Holy God who is there for you and me.

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