Helping People to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Getting Ready

Jun 17, 2017

Summer is upon us. Many beautiful flowers are blooming, trees are bright green with new leaves and we are checking out the air conditioner. Because we have four very different seasons, summer is something I believe we all get excited about.  However, this summer I believe is different. For me there is a need to grow stronger in my faith. Actually a need to recognise what is important and what is not. While summer, is a great time of the year, I cannot allow myself to drift into meaningless deeds. I need to work at knowing that Jesus Christ paid for all sin and search out all that this means.  I want to learn from the Holy Bible. I want to learn from others wiser than myself.  I truly believe it is time to be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ.  There is definitely an increase of evil on the earth today. An evil that cannot be tolerated by a Holy God.  It is certainly not a time to allow oneself to drift in thoughts and deeds.  It is time to seek out truths, it is time to ask for divine intervention in our lives. It is time to be ready to meet our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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