Helping People to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Your Body,  Your Gift

 Understanding Your Worth

Do you know that Christians who are born again have the Holy Spirit of God living within them. The Bible tells us that our living bodies have now become temples of God. So the first place to start is to thank God for our bodies and ask Him for wisdom and encouragement to do our part in caring for them. God loves us much and wants to help us with all our desires, including having healthy bodies.


Start Where Your At

Moving your body is important and will help you feel better.  Don't get discouraged. Do what you can at home or go to a local gym.  If possible, you might want to have a professional design a plan that works for your age and your current condition.   Walking at your speed is a good place to start. Try walking around your home for a specified period of time. Walking outside when weather permits is great. You can increase your walking as fitness and stamina improves. Do it for God, do it for you!

What You Eat is Imporant



Do You know how to eat in a way that keeps you in the best health possible?

We need a balance between our protein and carbohydrates,

  • We need lots of vegetables: carrots, peas, beans, potatoes and others,
  • We need protein: eggs, diary (cheese and plain yogurt), fish and meat, high protein vegetables,
  • We need whole grains: brown bread, whole grain breads, cereals without sugar,
  • We need to drink plenty of water.
  • ​Protein must be balanced with carbs to avoid weight gain.


Do NOT eat or drink sugar: desserts, drinks, pop,  fruit juices, sweeten cereals, etc.  SUGAR damages many parts of your body, increases bad cholesterol and increases the risk of heart attacks and contributes to weight gain. Sugar is very hard on both adults and children. It causes metabolic and behaviour changes that affect everyone negatively.  Artificial sweeteners also causes weight gain as the brain reacts to taste, limit their use and for better health stay away from them, Honey is naturally sweet and is a better choice, but its use too, should be limited.