Helping People to Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Learning to Become HUMBLE

Humility is what we all need and have to strive for. With a humble heart God will help us become all that we are meant to be. Never see yourself as better than others. We are all equal to God. Don't do things for vain glory. Do what you do to please God. God can and will make your Life meaningful. He wants everyone to know that we are greatly loved by him. Also, don't let pride keep you away from what rightfully belongs to you. He longs to bless you.  He sent his only Son to earth to live among us and to pay for each person's sin through His shed BLOOD.  Our sins can now all be forgiven. ​

Call out today and ask Jesus Christ to become Lord and savior of your life. Your eternal future depends on you doing this. Should you call out to Jesus, we will all meet together and live an eternal life together. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT!